Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

24 Year Old Woman Charged With Hindering A Police Investigation

A woman charged in hindering a police investigation into the murder of Chrystal Figeroa appeared in court on Thursday, pleading guilty to those charges. 24-year-old Brandi Michalski had two other charges against her dismissed. According to a police investigation, Michalski was with Figueroa and several others the night she was killed. Michalski and another woman were dropped off by suspected killer Jose Jimenez and others before they drove to the citrus grove in what would be Figueroa's last night alive. Prosecutors said she hindered prosecution and tampered with evidence tied to the murder. That same morning police say Michalski was in a black SUV with Jimenez and others tied to the crime when they were involved in a crash near downtown Yuma. The suspects fled the scene, hiding weapons used in the killing that were in the car.

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