Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Accidental Pill Poisonings On The Rise For Children

prescription-drugs-pillsAs prescriptions increase for adult aches, pains and chronic illnesses, accidental poisonings in children increase, too.  A new study in the July issue of "Pediatrics" magazine says children under age five and teens are at the highest risk. Children's Mercy Hospital toxicologist Doctor Jennifer Lowry says parents often tell her they turned their heads for a minute or two and before they knew it, a toddler had swallowed their pills.  And she says parents cannot be too careful with their teenagers, who sometimes abuse medications to get high.
Increasing numbers of these incidents are fatal.  The CDC says in the last decade, the number of children killed by accidental poisoning went up by 80-percent. Poisoning by drugs or medicine is the leading cause of accidental death in Arizona.

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