Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Advocates For Internet Freedom Say Appeals Court Strikes “Huge Blow”

It is being called a "huge blow to all Internet users." A federal court ruled this week in favor of Verizon, striking down FCC rules that regulate the Web. The ruling means broadband providers like Verizon could charge content providers such as Netflix or ESPN higher prices for faster download speeds, creating Internet “fast lanes.” Josh Levy of the watchdog group Free Press says in its court arguments in the case against the FCC, Verizon revealed a broader goal.
The FCC’s new commissioner, Tom Wheeler, said the agency might appeal the ruling. Levy says the court’s decision opens the door to the FCC drafting new and different rules. He also thinks a public outcry to protect net neutrality – like that which nearly brought the Internet to a halt two years ago over proposed legislation called “SOPA” – could be another reaction.

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