Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Amerischool Parents Concerned Over Suspicious Letter Sent To Principal

AmeriSchoolsParents are upset after a suspicious letter was sent to an area school facilitator.  Principal William Wachunas at AmeriSchools Academy's north campus received the letter in March.  Now, parents are asking for his resignation.  Wachunas spoke with our television partner KYMA-TV, giving them a tour of the school and safety measures that are in place.  Wachunas is urging parents to remain calm about the incident.

The Yuma Sun adds that the letter contained information about “bloody children”.  The person allegedly responsible for the letter is a 79-year-old identified as Robert Purro, who lives in a nearby trailer park.  Purro complained about the children being noisy. 

Police say charges were not filed against him for making threats, but he was charged with the possession of an illegal weapon – a sawed-off AK-47. 

A meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 5:30pm at the school where concerned parents can address the issues.

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