Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Arizona Has Three “Dirtiest” Power Plants

Many scientists and environmentalists say climate change caused by carbon emissions is one factor contributing to America's extreme weather of recent years. This as a new report finds that Arizona has three of the "dirtiest" power plants in the country when it comes to carbon dioxide pollution. Environment America Research and Policy Center analyzed data the plants submit to the US Department of Energy – and ranks the state 14th in terms of carbon pollution. Brian Magi is an atmospheric scientist and reviewed the report.
According to the report, "America's Dirtiest Power Plants" – Arizona's plants with the most carbon pollution are the Navajo, Springerville and Cholla plants. In total, Arizona's coal-fired power plants contribute 57% of the state's total climate-changing pollution. This week the EPA is expected to establish limits for carbon emissions for future power plants.

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