Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Arizona House Approves Bill To Give State Police And DPS Workers A Raise

The Arizona House has approved a bill giving state police and other Department of Public Safety workers a $40 million dollar raise over the next three years.

House Bill 2691 by Republican House Speaker Andy Tobin originally asked for two-point-nine million dollars for each of the next three years, but amendments to the bill have increased that amount significantly. The bill now allocates $8.1 million dollars in 2014, $13.3 million dollars in 2015 and $18.8 million dollars in 2016. That is $40.3 million dollars in total. The House approved the bill on a 53-5 vote Wednesday and it now moves to the Senate. Tobin says Arizona DPS officers are underpaid and the raises are necessary to retain officers. Because the bill involves an appropriation not included in Governor Jan Brewer's budget proposal it will likely change.

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