Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Author Addresses Child Abuse Issues

Any child can experience abuse or neglect – and one expert says if these issues are not addressed, their health and well-being later in life will suffer. Doctor Vincent Felitti is the author of a major study on adverse childhood experiences. He says sometimes, adults have to ask the tough questions to find out what is really going on in a child’s life – but even professionals can have a hard time addressing trauma, because it is such a personal experience.
Felitti says trauma can be caused by physical or emotional neglect, sexual abuse, and exposure to alcoholism or depression. He says while adverse childhood experiences can affect anyone, they are hallmarks of kids in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Arizona law requires suspected child abuse or neglect to be reported to CPS or law enforcement by a number of people, including teachers, clergy, medical personnel and parents.


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