Saturday, September 20th, 2014

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Monday Night Football


You’re invited to Misty’s Monday Night Football Party! Come join the party at Brewers! You could win prizes such as Arizona Cardinal tickets, concert tickets, Alexander Ford merchandise, and a couch from Foothills Mattress! Located at 2331 S Avenue B in Yuma Read More »

Yuma Sex Offender Relocation


The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office is notifying the public of the relocation of a sex offender.  20-year-old Elijah Hernandez of Yuma is now living at 3617-and-a-half West Third Place in Yuma.  He is described as standing six-foot tall, weighing 265-pounds with brown hair and eyes.  In May 2012, Hernandez was convicted of Kidnapping per Domestic Violence in Yuma County Superior ... Read More »

Two Brothers Sentenced For Shooting


Two brothers were sentenced to eight-and-a-half years in prison Thursday (20) for their role in a shooting incident.  Anthony Solis and Christopher Solis went to the El Encanto Apartments on April 10th 2013 and shot a 30-year-old male in the parking lot.  Anthony Solis told the court he was not a violent person and attributed the incident to a prior ... Read More »

Senate Bill 1060 Passed


Thursday (20) night, Arizona’s Republican controlled House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 1060, which expands the right of businesses to refuse service to homosexuals based on their religious beliefs.  This comes after Arizona’s State Senate passed the legislation earlier in the week.  Conservatives argue the bill protects first amendment rights, which allows for anyone to practice their religious beliefs freely.  ... Read More »

Arizona Senate Repealed Election Law


The Arizona Senate has voted to repeal a sweeping 2013 Arizona election law that included trimming the state's permanent early voting list and a host of other provisions that incensed voter-rights advocates.  Majority Republicans who pushed House Bill 2305 through last June voted to repeal the law on a 17-to-12 vote on Thursday (20).  The House passed an identical bill ... Read More »

Gas Prices in Arizona Are Higher This Week


Gasoline prices around Arizona are higher at the pump this week.  Officials with Triple-A Arizona said Thursday (20) that the average statewide price for unleaded regular gasoline is three-27 a gallon.  That is up by more than three-cents from last week.  This week's national average is at three-38 per gallon, an increase of nearly six-cents from last week. Tucson has ... Read More »

Construction Repair Buckled Highway


Construction to repair a buckled highway in northern Arizona could start this summer.  A 150-foot section of pavement on U-S Highway 89 south of Page buckled in a landslide a year ago.  The state Department of Transportation says a 25-million-dollar project to move the roadway about 60 feet and construct a downslope buttress to stabilize the area could be complete ... Read More »

STAR Shout-Outs!!


  If your businesses listens to STAR 100.9, let us know!  We could give you a “Thanks for Listening Shout-Out!” to your business on the radio! Plus you could win A FREE MOBILE EXTERIOR WASH from Show and Shine Mobile Car Wash! Read More »

Man Dead After Car Accident


One man is dead after the driver of a car hit him in Yuma. This happened before midnight Saturday night on Highway 95 near Avenue 3E. A Yuma County Sheriff’s official says the man was wearing dark clothes. He walked onto the street and that is when the driver hit him. Our television partner KYMATV says medics pronounced the pedestrian ... Read More »

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