Friday, October 24th, 2014

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Gosar Votes To Repeal Obamacare


United States Congressman Paul Gosar has voted to fully repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  The House of Representatives voted 229-to-195 in favor of repeal.  Gosar says there are several reasons behind his no vote. The repeal measure was authored by Representative Michele Bachmann, former Republican presidential candidate and Tea Party leader, who sought to ... Read More »

Recycling Pickup To Begin In A Week


There has been some confusion as to when curbside recycling in Yuma starts.  The containers are being delivered now, but it will be another week once those are delivered before pickup begins according to Dave Nash with the City of Yuma. The rollout citywide is expected to take over three months. Read More »

New Bill In Congress Purposes Mandatory Egg-Labeling


Cage-free, "free range", pasture-raised or just “eggs” – a growing number of people are concerned with where and how their food is produced, and a new bill in Congress would make egg-labeling mandatory, as well as adding more humane living standards for millions of egg-laying hens in the U.S. Paul Shapiro with the Humane Society of the United States says ... Read More »

Yuma Unemployment Rate Up To 30 Percent


The jobless rate in Yuma County has increased to 30-percent.  3 out of 10 workers are collecting unemployment, the highest number in some time – due partly to the decrease of agriculture related jobs that typically end in the spring.  The Yuma Sun says only just over 23,000 were out of work in March, compared to April’s figure of nearly ... Read More »

Couple Involved In Shooting Incident Last Week Make Court Appearance


Two persons involved in an alleged shooting appeared in court Thursday.  32-year-old Miguel “Capone” Rodriguez is charged with Attempted First Degree Murder following a shooting incident last week in which an unidentified 36-year-old female was injured.  40-year-old Misty Ann Martinez is charged with hindering prosecution in the First Degree.  Bond on both suspects is $500,000. Read More »

Person Of Interest Questioned In Shooting Death Of Jennifer Silva


The Yuma Police Department says they have questioned and then released a person of interest involving a case in which police say shots were fired Tuesday.  One person, identified as 28-year-old Jennifer Silva, was shot and killed. Yuma Police Detectives have identified and interviewed all involved individuals.  The case is believed to be an isolated incident and not connected with ... Read More »

Home Prices, Jobs In Arizona Rebounding Slowly


Some of Arizona's top business experts say jobs and home prices are slowly rebounding, but the state has a long way to go and federal budget cuts are not helping.  Experts say Arizona has gained back nearly 40-percent of the 314,000 jobs that were lost during the recession, but that pace is well behind the nation as a whole.  While ... Read More »

Powerball Jackpot Creeping Toward Record-Breaking Amount


The Powerball jackpot is surging to potentially record-breaking levels thanks to the Golden and Silver states. California has sold $83-million worth of Powerball tickets since it started selling them in April and overall has accounted for 11-percent of the game's sales in the country. Nevadans can not buy tickets in their state, where the lottery is seen as competition to ... Read More »

City Council Discusses Capital Improvement Projects


The Yuma City Council heard about proposed Capital Improvement Projects for the next year during their council meeting Wednesday.  Capital Improvement Project Administrator Ana Lugo presented an outline of 61 proposed projects for the 2014 Fiscal year, budgeted to cost around $37-million.  Councilmember Paul Johnson expressed concern about the order some of the projects were listed.  He is concerned about ... Read More »

Yuma Police Respond To Shooting Victim At YRMC Emergency Room


The Yuma Police Department says one person has sustained injuries following a shooting on Wednesday night.  Officers responded to the emergency room at Yuma Regional Medical Center where a victim with gun shot wounds was admitted.   A 21-year-old male was found who had been shot twice.  His injuries were non-life threatening.  The incident occurred in the area of Eighth ... Read More »

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