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Arizona Legislature Poised To Quickly Approve Millions In Extra CPS Cash


The Arizona Legislature is poised to quickly approve a special $6.8 million dollar appropriation that will let the state's child welfare agency hiring 192 new workers right away. The Senate and House of Representatives have scheduled votes today on identical bills authorizing the spending. The money is a key part of Governor Jan Brewer's effort to remake the agency. The proposal shifts $1.1 million dollars in the current budget and gives the agency another $5.7 million.
Brewer pulled Child Protective Services from its parent agency on January 13th and made it a stand-alone department reporting to her. Also set for votes are a $1.46 million request Read More »

Man Arrested In Arizona After Being Convicted Of Child Pornography Charges


A man wanted in Michigan after being convicted on child pornography charges has been arrested in Arizona. U.S. Marshals in Tucson say 34-year-old Michael Mazel was arrested Tuesday during a vehicle stop on I-10 near Eloy.
Authorities say Mazel was arrested without incident and was possibly headed to Mexico. Mazel was wanted in the Eastern District of Michigan for failure to appear on a February 2013 arrest for receipt, distribution and possession of child pornography. Mazel was released on bond and eventually convicted of the charges. Authorities say he removed his electronic bracelet and fled Michigan the day before his January 21st sentencing. Prosecutors say Mazel i Read More »

Wellton Border Patrol Agents Seize Abandoned Marijuana


United States Border Patrol agents from the Wellton Station seized $138,000 worth of abandoned marijuana Monday. Agents patrolling near Sentinel received a report of five people carrying large backpacks south of their location. When agents arrived on scene, a search of the area turned up five backpacks of marijuana weighing 277 pounds combined. The marijuana was taken to the Wellton Station for further processing.

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Cocopah Indian Tribe Donates To Crossroads Mission


The Cocopah Indian Tribe continues its long-standing tradition of helping others. Cocopah Tribal Elder Paul Soto had the honor of presenting the Crossroads Mission with a check of $1000 on Tuesday. The money donated will help the Crossroads Mission continue to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.

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Second Flu Related Death In Yuma


Yuma Regional Medical Center is confirming a second person has died due to influenza. The Yuma Sun is reporting that two persons have died due to complications from flu this month. The hospital did not provide the identifications of those who have died. This year’s most dominant flu strain is identified as H1N1, which is a dangerous strain for young adults and older persons.

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New Mexico Game And Fish Give Arizona Pronghorns In Exchange For Turkeys


Arizona and New Mexico are neighbors and sometimes, the neighborly thing to do is share or trade resources – even if those resources are critters, such as turkeys and pronghorns. Rachel Shockley with New Mexico Game and Fish says her agency recently gave Arizona 43 pronghorn, a species similar to antelope, in exchange for 60 Gould's turkeys. Shockley says New Mexico has about 30-thousand pronghorn, while Arizona's herd has diminished in recent years.
Shockley says the pronghorn sent to Arizona were trapped in northern New Mexico, where the pronghorn are most plentiful.

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One Man Dead And Another Severely Burned In RV Fire


One man is dead and another severely burned in an RV fire in Phoenix. Phoenix Fire Department officials say a 29-year-old man injured in Tuesday afternoon's fire is hospitalized with second and third-degree burns over most of his body. The names of the two men have not been released but fire officials believe the victims are an uncle and his nephew. The RV had been parked in a driveway outside a home. The two men were taking the motor home for a test run after not using it for a long time. Fire officials say a problem occurred in the engine, it caught fire and the entire front of the vehicle was gutted by flames.

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Arizona Legislator Wants State To Fund High Tech Surveillance Near US Mexico Border


An Arizona legislator wants the state to spend 30-million-dollars for a high-tech surveillance network near the United States border with Mexico.
Republican Senator Bob Worsley of Mesa says the "virtual fence" consisting of 200 cameras would monitor cross-border movement to see if the federal government keeps its promises to secure the border. Under Worsley's bill, the new surveillance system would be erected within 20 miles of the border.
The Arizona Capitol Times reports that funding for the project also could include the approximately $260,000 of donations that the state has already collected for border enforcement under previously enacted leg Read More »

Better Business Bureau Releases List Of Top 5 Most Compained About Industries In Yuma


After processing 88 complaints and thousands of questions from consumers over the last year, Yuma's Better Business Bureau has released its list of the top five most complained about industries in Yuma County. Topping the list in 2013? Our television partner KYMATV has revealed it is office supply sales by deceptive telemarketers. The bottom line here is to always ask about the supplier they represent, and get everything in writing before placing an order. Another industry the Yuma Better Business Bureau is warning against is roofing contractors. They say to always be careful, and never pay for more than a third of the job up front. Car dealerships came in third, and routinely make these Read More »

Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agents Seize 553 Pounds Of Marijuana


United States Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Sector seized 553 pounds of marijuana, seized 33 pounds of methamphetamine, and arrested seven people in three separate weekend incidents. Yuma Station agents working at an immigration checkpoint on I-10 seized 205 pounds of marijuana Friday worth an estimated $102,000. The marijuana was turned over to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office.
In another incident, agents searching a vehicle found 20 vacuum-sealed packages containing 33 pounds of methamphetamine valued at an estimated $389-thousand-dollars. The driver and drugs were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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