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Man Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison And Lifetime Probation In Child Pornography Case


A Mesa man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and lifetime probation in a child pornography case.
The Arizona Attorney General's Office announced Monday that 54 year old Christopher John Clark entered into a plea agreement after he was found guilty of ten counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Authorities say Clark pled guilty to downloading child pornography using a file-sharing program. They say Clark shared approximately 920 child pornography files using a file-to-file sharing website during a 4 month period in 2012 and 2013. He was arrested in March and indicted by an Arizona grand jury. As part of his sentence, Clark also will have to register as a sex offender.
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Battle Of The Bands To Be Held This Weekend


It’s time to tune up those electric guitars and turn up those amplifiers as the Battle of the Bands gets ready for this weekend.
There is money cash prizes for first, second and third place. The event is free and will be held at the Home Depot parking lot. For more information, contact Brandon Schofield at 928-343-2146 or call or text at 928-287-9098.

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Singapore Defense Officials To View F-35B At Luke Air Force Base


Singapore defense officials visiting an Air Force Base in Arizona will get a look at a type of U.S. built fighters that the Asian nation may purchase. Luke Air Force Base officials say at least one F-35B from Marine Corps Air Station Yuma will fly into Luke today. Luke officials say the Singapore officials are at Luke for a training exercise being conducted at Luke and at the Barry M. Goldwater Range in southwestern Arizona. The F-35B is the short takeoff and vertical landing version of the F-35. It was developed for the Marine Corps and is configured differently than the F-35A version used by the Air Force. F-35A’s to be assigned to Luke are expected to arrive in early 2014.

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One Suspect In Custody After Salvation Army Robbery


One suspect is in custody and Glendale police are searching for the other in last week's robbery of a Salvation Army location. Glendale police investigators believe 38 year old Mark Dollar and 52 year old John Bardy broke into the church on December 2nd. They say the two men are suspected of stealing several items including a safe containing more than $1700 in cash plus a laptop computer and a karaoke machine. The money that was stolen had been collected by Salvation Army bell ringers. Police say they identified the two suspects using surveillance footage. Dollar was arrested on December 5th but officers still are looking for Bardy.

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Holidays Are Burglar’s Favorite Time Of The Year


The Holidays are a festive time of year and a thief's favorite time of year. While shoppers flock to the malls and shopping centers, so do burglars with a shopping list of their own. They want into your cars to get whatever they can and they will stop at almost nothing to do it.

They simply open an unlocked door, break a window, or jimmy the handle to get inside. The Yuma Police Department says typically burglars look for the following items: Phone chargers, computer connector cables, docking stations, after market stereo/CD players, MP3 players, GPS units, cell phones, wallets, purses, and shopping bags with merchandise, mail, and anything else that may be of value. Do not forget Read More »

Fuel Spill Cleanup Bill Reaches $500,000


Officials say the cost of cleaning up a gasoline spill in the community of Fountain Hills has reached $500,000. A ruptured United Petroleum Transports tanker spilled 2300 gallons of gasoline at a drive-thru between restaurants on November 17th. The company says the tanker collided with a large trash bin enclosure, causing the rupture and spill. Town Manager Ken Buchanan tells The Arizona Republic that United Petroleum Transports plans to reimburse the town for that cost and has hired a business to handle remediation.

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Affordable Care Act Report Finds Benefits For Senior Citizens


With the rough roll-out of the healthcare marketplaces, some senior citizens are raising concerns about the Affordable Care Act. But a new report finds that for them, it has led to more benefits – without more obligations. Author Jon Bailey with the Center for Rural Affairs says most of the provisions that directly affect seniors have been in effect since 2010, and they center around enhanced benefits in terms of preventive care and treatment.
Bailey says these added benefits are especially important in rural areas, where the population is older and residents generally receive fewer medical screenings and preventive care procedures. More than 800,000 Arizonans are covered by M Read More »

Lawyers Face Deadline In Racial Profiling Case


Lawyers in the racial profiling case against the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office face a deadline today for recommending who should be appointed to monitor the agency's operations to ensure it is not making unconstitutional arrests. The recommendations are being made to US District Judge Murray Snow, who will ultimately select a monitor for Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office. Attorneys on both sides were asked to agree on a candidate for the post. If lawyers cannot agree on a prospect, each side must recommend three candidates for the job. Snow concluded in a May ruling that the agency has systematically singled out Latinos in its immigration patrols and that deputies unreasonably prol Read More »

Wellton Border Patrol Agents Arrest Four Men And Seize 152 Pounds Of Marijuana


United States Border Patrol agents from the Wellton Station arrested four men and seized three bundles of marijuana – 152 pounds worth an estimated $76,000 and other contraband in the Cabeza Prieta Mountains Thursday. Agents on patrol discovered three makeshift burlap backpacks containing marijuana hidden under rocks at the base of the mountains. As agents continued searching the surrounding area, they found four men hiding under a black plastic tarp. The men, all Mexican nationals, had illegally entered the United States. One of the men was also in possession of a two-way radio. All subjects were arrested, transported to the Wellton Station, and later turned over to the Drug Enforcement Read More »

Blythe Border Patrol Agents Seize Weapons And Contraband


Border Patrol agents from Blythe Station seized a cache of weapons and other contraband after performing a traffic stop near Blythe. Agents became suspicious of a 2013 Ford Taurus while performing a traffic stop in the Blythe area and conducted an immigration stop on I-10 near Lovkin Boulevard.
Agents received consent to search the vehicle. Located in the trunk of the car were 13 handguns and three AR-15 type rifles, along with nearly one gram of cocaine, over three grams of heroin, five high-capacity magazines, and ammunition. The driver and passenger, weapons, narcotics, magazines, and ammunition were turned over to the Blythe Narcotics Enforcement Team.

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