Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Be Prepared This Hiking Season

Hiking-first-aid-kitHiking season is in full swing in Arizona's high country, and professional hiking guide Roger Jenkins says plan now to prevent problems.  He advises putting together a permanent "hiking kit," with ten essentials that can be used for day hikes or multi-day adventures.  

Start with a first-aid kit, because Jenkins has found that if you hike enough, eventually someone will get hurt.  Then add waterproof matches, a knife and rain gear.  Topographic maps are next on the list, and that is the one Jenkins says most people overlook.

A hat, extra clothing, a compass and a flashlight bring the list tally to nine.  The final item?  He says that is your call.  He calls it the “common sense” detail – you might want insect repellent, sunscreen or toilet paper.

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