Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Border Patrol Initiate Wiretapping Investigation For Drug Activities Around Mexican Border

In November 2010, Special Agents with the Imperial County Narcotic Task Force initiated a California State wiretap investigation into the importation and transportation activities of a Drug Trafficking Organization based in Mexicali, Mexico. Operation Cerberus targeted Sinaloa Cartel cocaine trafficking cells primarily operating along the southwest border in California and Arizona. Approximately 224 phones have been intercepted, 17 search warrants have been executed, as well as numerous other enforcement operations, approximately 3,000 pounds of cocaine with an approximate retail value of $96 million dollars, 100 lbs of methamphetamine, 820 lbs of marijuana, and over $4.1 million dollars in U.S. currency have been seized. The investigations culminated on Wednesday with 66 California State Arrest Warrants for subjects located throughout the states of California, Arizona, and Oregon.

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