Monday, October 20th, 2014

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City Council To Consider Request Concerning Mayor Krieger’s Travel Funds


The Yuma City Council will meet tonight at 5:30pm at the Yuma City Hall.  The council will consider a request from Mayor Alan Krieger for a reallocation of funds for recent travel.  A consideration to purchase insurance will also be discussed.  The insurance is for liability issues for city owned property and events, totaling $637,000. Read More »

Campaign Kicks Off To Bring Attention To Early Childhood Education


Today is a national Early Learning Day of Action, kicking off a campaign to draw attention to the benefits of early childhood education, and to support additional funding at both the national and local levels.   Bruce Liggett is director of the Arizona Child Care Association.  Liggett says one campaign goal is passage of President Obama’s Early Care and Education ... Read More »

Census Error Alters Yuma’s Projected Budget


City of Yuma officials just learned of a mistake made by the U.S Census Bureau in 2010 that adds an extra $400,000 into the city's projected budget allowance for the next fiscal year.  The City of Yuma’s Dave Nash says even though over 2,000 people are now accounted for, they are preparing the 2014 budget as if that extra money ... Read More »

Bird Parasite Causing ‘Swimmer’s Itch’ At Saguaro Lake


Arizona officials are warning visitors of local lakes about reports of a rash caused by a tiny bird parasite.  The warning was made after several people reported getting the rash after wading or swimming in Saguaro Lake near Phoenix.  The rash is known as swimmer's itch or lake itch.  It is an allergic skin reaction to the parasites and can ... Read More »

House Speaker Tobin Moving On With Budget Without Deal On Medicaid


Arizona Republican House Speaker Andy Tobin is taking up the $8.8-billion state budget passed by the Arizona Senate but says his efforts to reach a deal with the governor on Medicaid have failed.  Tobin assigned the package of ten Senate budget bills to the Appropriations Committee on Tuesday.  He expects the House to finish work on the entire package by ... Read More »

AZ House Passes School Voucher Program Expansion


The Arizona House has passed an expansion of a small school voucher program that could vastly increase the number of children allowed to use public funds to attend a private school. SB-1363 passed Tuesday and now returns to the Senate.  The program was established by the Legislature in 2011 and slightly expanded last year.  Only students with a disability, whose ... Read More »

Board Of Supervisors Approves In-Car Camera Purchase For Police


The Yuma County Board of Supervisors heard from the Executive Director of the Arizona County Supervisors Association Craig Sullivan about recent issues involving the county with the 2013 legislative session.  Sullivan says working with all 15 counties as a group, helped to make their needs to state government known.  Property tax issues still present an issue and will linger for ... Read More »

Students Leaving College With More Debt Than Ever


The average college student in the United States will graduate owing almost $27,000 in student debt, a 40-percent jump since 2002.  Arizona grads typically owe about $20,000.   Jonathan Fox is a college financial counselor.  He says student loans can be especially troublesome for those who rack up the debt but do not come away with a diploma. Typical student ... Read More »

Water Treatment Plant To Conduct Tests Today


The City of Yuma will conduct tests of one of its water treatment plants today.  Customers may experience short, temporary fluctuations in water pressure.  The City of Yuma Agua Viva Water Treatment Facility will do some routine backup system testing to ensure proper operations of the plant and that the plant continues to function properly in the event of future emergency ... Read More »

AWC To Offer Industrial Manufacturing Program


Arizona Western College Construction and the Applied Technology Department in partnership with the Yuma Manufacturing Association and Johnson Controls, Incorporated is enrolling now for the 2013-2014 Industrial Manufacturing Technology program. The program provides students with opportunities to gain valuable skills and knowledge related to industrial manufacturing plant operations required for today's advance systems management.  Students can complete training courses for ... Read More »

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