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Deadline Nears On Gila River Decision


New Mexico officials are facing a looming deadline on how to manage the state's last free-flowing river. The state has rights to some of the Gila River and one of its tributaries under a 2004 settlement with Arizona but must decide by the end of the year what to do with the water. If New Mexico does not use the water, it could forgo millions of dollars in federal funds available for construction of a diversion project.
Environmentalists and sportsmen say any dams or diversions would harm the area's wildlife and limit opportunities for recreation.

But farmers throughout the region say the Gila would offer a backup source of water as dry conditions persist. Two state s Read More »

Yuma Border Patrol Agents Seize 831 Pounds Of Marijuana; $675,000 In U.S. Currency


United States Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Sector seized 831 pounds of marijuana, seized $675,000 in currency, and arrested 15 people in three separate incidents Wednesday. In the initial incident, agents patrolling near Gila Bend apprehended nine male Mexican nationals south of I-8, who had entered the U.S. illegally with seven backpacks of marijuana. The marijuana, with a combined weight of 328 pounds, was worth an estimated $164,000. The men and marijuana were turned over to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.
In another incident, agents also patrolling near Gila Bend tracked a group of people who had entered the country illegally and eventually located and Read More »

U.S. Customs And Border Protection Office Release 2013 Year End Review


After another year of protecting the Yuma sector, the United States Customs and Border Protection office has released their 2013 year end review. Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Thomas Lines says the number of arrests made last year decreased.
Lines says this is a step forward, as it means less people are trying to cross into the U-S illegally.

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Skydive Yuma To Get Blessing Ritual From Cocopah Tribal Councilman


Skydive Yuma is the only commercial Sky Diving center in Southwest Arizona. The company’s headquarters are at the Somerton Airport and its drop zone is located on the Cocopah East Reservation.

Cocopah Tribal Councilman Neil White will perform a blessing ritual of the aircraft and drop zone February 8th at 10am, during Skydive Yuma’s unveiling. As the ceremony ends Cocopah Tribal Administrator Christopher Nuñez will skydive to the drop zone. Nunez is a former Army Ranger. Jumpmaster, Mike Marthaller, is retired Army and Air Force and Kurt Douge, the owner of Skydive Yuma is a current Air Force survival instructor stationed in the Republic of Korea.

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SWA And Rural Metro Fire Department Working With Arizona Department Of Human Services On Baby Car Seat Program


SWA and the Rural Metro Fire Department are working with Arizona Department of Human Services on a “gently used” car seat donation program with Mexico. Governor Janice Brewer is working with the Governor of Sonora Mexico on this state wide campaign. AZD—HS is working with Rural/Metro Fire stations in Yuma on a car seat kick-off event on Saturday. The stations that are collection points include the Rural Metro Fire Administration Office at 2029 South Arizona Avenue today from 8am to 5pm, Rural Metro Station Number Two at 10820 South Hensley Boulevard Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 7pm and Rural Metro Station Number Five at 3620 West Eighth Street Saturday and Sunday f Read More »

Police Investigating Motel Robbery


Police are trying to understand why two persons held up an area motel and took a piece of equipment that is no good to them once it was removed from the motel. The Oak Tree Inn was held up on Wednesday morning by two Hispanic males in their 20s. Yuma Police Department Public Affairs Officer Joe Franklin tells us more about the card door reader the pair took.
The two men are still on the run and police continue their investigation.

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Final Passage Of Farm Bill Expected Today


Final passage of the much-delayed federal Farm Bill is expected today. The five-year compromise includes funding for programs that support conservation and renewable energy. While overall, the Energy Title funding has been reduced, Andy Olsen with the Environmental Law and Policy Center says the compromise provides some certainty for renewed growth in rural energy projects.
Olsen says the compromise allows $881 million dollars for the Energy Title over ten years, including the
Rural Energy for America Program and the Biomass Crop Assistance Program. Olsen says the funding will support diverse technologies for renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives in rural communit Read More »

Arizona Legislature OKs Millions For Child-Welfare Agency


The Arizona Legislature has quickly approved a special $6.8 million appropriation that will let the state's child welfare agency hire 192 new workers right away.
The Senate and House of Representatives voted Thursday on identical bills authorizing the spending. The money is a key part of Governor Jan Brewer's effort to remake the agency. The proposal shifts $1.1 million in the current budget and gives the agency another $5.7 million. Brewer pulled Child Protective Services from its parent agency on January 13th and made it a stand-alone department reporting to her.

Also winning approval was a $1.46 million request for the Independent Redist Read More »

Arizona Department Of Gaming Revenue


The Arizona Department of Gaming says contributions to the state from tribal gambling revenue will be about $13.5 million for the quarter that ended December 31st 2013. That is about 2.7% more than the same quarter in 2012. Dan Bergin, the department director, says the increase is welcome news for state programs that get funding from the tribal money. He says about $6.5 million will go toward the state's Instructional Improvement Fund for education, with roughly $3.2 million going into the Trauma and Emergency Services Fund and about $1.6 million going toward Arizona Department of Gaming operating costs. Other revenue will go to funds for wildlife conservation and tourism. Read More »

Gas Prices Slightly Lower This Week


Gasoline prices around Arizona are slightly lower at the pump this week. Officials with AAA Arizona say that the average statewide price for unleaded regular gasoline is $3.24 a gallon. That is down by less than a penny from last week. This week's national average is at $3.27 per gallon, more than a penny lower than last week. Tucson has Arizona's lowest average gasoline price at $3.15 a gallon and Flagstaff has the highest at $3.35. Montana has the lowest average gas prices in the continental United States at $3.01 a gallon with Connecticut having the highest at $3.64 a gallon.

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