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New Mexico Game And Fish Give Arizona Pronghorns In Exchange For Turkeys


Arizona and New Mexico are neighbors and sometimes, the neighborly thing to do is share or trade resources – even if those resources are critters, such as turkeys and pronghorns. Rachel Shockley with New Mexico Game and Fish says her agency recently gave Arizona 43 pronghorn, a species similar to antelope, in exchange for 60 Gould's turkeys. Shockley says New Mexico has about 30-thousand pronghorn, while Arizona's herd has diminished in recent years.
Shockley says the pronghorn sent to Arizona were trapped in northern New Mexico, where the pronghorn are most plentiful.

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One Man Dead And Another Severely Burned In RV Fire


One man is dead and another severely burned in an RV fire in Phoenix. Phoenix Fire Department officials say a 29-year-old man injured in Tuesday afternoon's fire is hospitalized with second and third-degree burns over most of his body. The names of the two men have not been released but fire officials believe the victims are an uncle and his nephew. The RV had been parked in a driveway outside a home. The two men were taking the motor home for a test run after not using it for a long time. Fire officials say a problem occurred in the engine, it caught fire and the entire front of the vehicle was gutted by flames.

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Arizona Legislator Wants State To Fund High Tech Surveillance Near US Mexico Border


An Arizona legislator wants the state to spend 30-million-dollars for a high-tech surveillance network near the United States border with Mexico.
Republican Senator Bob Worsley of Mesa says the "virtual fence" consisting of 200 cameras would monitor cross-border movement to see if the federal government keeps its promises to secure the border. Under Worsley's bill, the new surveillance system would be erected within 20 miles of the border.
The Arizona Capitol Times reports that funding for the project also could include the approximately $260,000 of donations that the state has already collected for border enforcement under previously enacted leg Read More »

Better Business Bureau Releases List Of Top 5 Most Compained About Industries In Yuma


After processing 88 complaints and thousands of questions from consumers over the last year, Yuma's Better Business Bureau has released its list of the top five most complained about industries in Yuma County. Topping the list in 2013? Our television partner KYMATV has revealed it is office supply sales by deceptive telemarketers. The bottom line here is to always ask about the supplier they represent, and get everything in writing before placing an order. Another industry the Yuma Better Business Bureau is warning against is roofing contractors. They say to always be careful, and never pay for more than a third of the job up front. Car dealerships came in third, and routinely make these Read More »

Yuma Sector Border Patrol Agents Seize 553 Pounds Of Marijuana


United States Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Sector seized 553 pounds of marijuana, seized 33 pounds of methamphetamine, and arrested seven people in three separate weekend incidents. Yuma Station agents working at an immigration checkpoint on I-10 seized 205 pounds of marijuana Friday worth an estimated $102,000. The marijuana was turned over to the La Paz County Sheriff’s Office.
In another incident, agents searching a vehicle found 20 vacuum-sealed packages containing 33 pounds of methamphetamine valued at an estimated $389-thousand-dollars. The driver and drugs were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

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A Grant Has Been Awarded To The Oak Creek Watershed Council For Continued Research Efforts


Arizona Department of Environmental Quality officials say a nearly 166-thousand-dollar grant has been awarded to the Oak Creek Watershed Council for continued outreach efforts and cleanup events in northern Arizona. The grant is one of three awarded in Arizona this year, administered by ADEQ's water quality improvement grant program. It is to address polluted runoff from different sources. Last year, the Creek Ambassadors program and Oak Creek cleanup project conducted a successful campaign north of Sedona near Highway 89-A along Oak Creek. The project collected nearly two tons of trash. With continued funding this year, the ambassadors will work as two-person teams trained by the United States Fore Read More »

Arpaio’s Layers Say Fees Request Excessive


Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lawyers say a request for approximately $7 Million in legal fees and costs for lawyers who won a racial profiling suit is astonishingly excessive. The lawyers for the plaintiffs in the case have said their fee request is reasonable because the case involved nearly six years of work. Arpaio's lawyers dispute that and say the amount sought should be drastically reduced. Their response says the lawyers' hourly rates are too high and that there have been massive and inefficient overstaffing and duplication of efforts. United States District Judge Murray Snow ruled that Arpaio's office systematically singled out Latinos in its traffic enforcement a Read More »

Gabby Giffords Says It’s “Too Dangerous To Wait” On Gun Control


Gabby Giffords is telling Washington leaders that "it's too dangerous to wait" to confront gun violence.  The former Arizona congresswoman is featured in a new television ad campaign set to air immediately before and after President Barack Obama's State of the Union address. In the ad, Giffords faces the camera and says that "Congress is afraid of the gun lobby." Giffords, a Democrat, is still recovering from a brain injury suffered in 2011 when a mentally ill man shot her in the head as she met with constituents outside an Arizona shopping center. She was First Lady Michelle Obama's guest at last year's State of the Union, when gun control was Read More »

Arizona’s Fourth Grade Reading Gap Follows Home Income Gap


Seventy-two percent of Arizona fourth-graders are reading below grade level. That is one finding of a new Kids Count Data Snapshot from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Casey Foundation’s Elizabeth Burke Bryant says one key to success in life is learning to read in the early grades.
Although Arizona fourth-grade reading levels have improved over the past decade, the reading gap between higher and lower-income students is getting worse. The report finds 43% of Arizona’s higher-income fourth-graders are reading at or above grade level, compared with only 15% of lower-income kids Read More »

Yuma Proving Grounds Dedicates New Wind Tunnel


The Yuma Proving Ground dedicated a new wind tunnel on Friday, January 24th. The tunnel will help train military members and others on parachute landings.
The tunnel is the largest in the world and able to fit up to eight jumpers at once. The tunnel was named after the late Green Beret Master Sargent George A. Bannar Junior.

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