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Yuma City Council Holds First Meeting For 2014


The Yuma City Council’s first 2014 meeting was held on Wednesday – new Mayor Doug Nicholls’ first meeting since being sworn in last week. He told our television partner KYMATV things went smoothly Wednesday night. He added he has several agenda items he wants to work to initiate.
The council’s next meeting, due to the holidays will be next Wednesday January 15th as the council gets back to a normal schedule.

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Former AZ Congresswoman Skydives On Anniversary Of Shooting


Former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords marked the third anniversary of being shot in the head at a political rally by skydiving Wednesday. Others gathered in Tucson for bell-ringing and flag-raising ceremonies to remember the six killed and 13 injured on January 8th 2011. Giffords made the tandem jump strapped to a professional skydiver. She waved and blew kisses to a crowd at a skydiving site between Phoenix and Tucson after successfully landing without injury. In Tucson, about 100 residents attended a ceremony outside the University of Arizona Medical Center, where the injured were treated. A bell was rung once for each victim. Other ceremonies and moments of sile Read More »

Child Abuse Case Team Report 2600 Seen So Far


A new team assigned to review more than 6500 child abuse and neglect reports that were not investigated by Arizona child welfare officials says they have now assigned nearly 55-hundred of those cases to investigators. The so-called CARE team named on December 2nd 2013 by Governor Jan Brewer provided the latest update Wednesday . It said nearly 2600 children identified in the reports now have been seen and more than 23-hundred cases have had a response. The team is led by the head of the state's Juvenile Corrections department, Charles Flanagan.

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El Centro Border Patrol Arrest Narcotics Smuggler At Greyhound Bus Station


On Monday, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro station apprehended a suspected narcotics smuggler at the Greyhound bus station and seized more than two pounds of methamphetamine. Border Patrol agents began questioning a suspicious occupant of an out-going bus, during a transportation check. During questioning, a 25-year-old female, United States citizen, became nervous and unable to answer the agent’s questions. The woman gave permission to search her luggage located in the overhead bin area and the search of her luggage revealed six plastic wrapped baton like objects. The items contained a substance later testing positive for methamphetamine. The woman was pla Read More »

Arizona Sees Slow Increase Of Flu Cases


Arizona's flu season is starting off slowly.
Department of Health Services Director Will Humble says Arizona is seeing an increase in the number of lab-confirmed flu cases but with 50-percent fewer cases than the department recorded last year at this time. Humble says three different strains of flu are circulating, including the one that caused the 2000 pandemic.

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Missing Man’s Car Shows Up In Car Wash In San Bernardino


There may have been a crack in the case of a missing man for nearly a year. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office in reference to the ongoing search of Laurence J. “Jack” Doering.  The vehicle Doering was last known to be driving had been located in a desert area northwest of Parker, Arizona inside the state of California.  Deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office recovered the vehicle, which had a flat tire and a dead battery, inside a wash.  It is unknown how long the vehicle has been in the area, however police say it had extensive water damage.
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Yuma City Council Meeting Tonight With New Mayor


The Yuma City Council faces a light agenda for the first meeting of 2014 tonight. This will be the first meeting for Mayor Doug Nicholls and new council members William Craft, Gary Knight and Gary Wright. Mayor Nichols is happy to have a light agenda.
The agenda includes the appointment of a Deputy Mayor and several liquor license requests as well. The meeting starts tonight at 5:30pm at the Yuma City Hall.

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Tesla Supercharging Stations Hope To Help Arizona Tourism


Arizona's tourism economy could get a boost in the new year, courtesy of Tesla Motors. The maker of the popular electric vehicles has opened one of its supercharging stations at Quartzsite, with six more coming soon around the state.
Ray Hagerman with Four Corners Economic Development says Tesla strategically locates the stations in areas near amenities like restaurants and shopping centers. He says the idea is that Tesla owners will spend some money while waiting for their vehicles to charge.
Tesla supercharging stations will open in the next few months near Buckeye, Flagstaff, Gila Bend, Kingman, Winslow and Yuma, with two more Arizona stations pl Read More »

Despite Deep Freeze, Global Warming Still Happening


Most of the nation may be frozen, but an expert says the world is still warming. Lonnie Thompson is a renowned climatologist and professor at Ohio State who has studied the effects of climate on glaciers around the globe. He says public opinion on climate change tends to shift in response to cold weather patterns.
Thompson says each of the past three decades has been hotter than the one before, and those three decades were hotter than at any time in the past 1400 years. Phoenix had its hottest summer ever in 2013, and seven of the ten hottest years in the city have happened since 2000.

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Conservative Group’s TV Ads Target Rep. Barber, Kirkpatrick


Arizona television viewers will soon know it is an election year just by turning on their television sets. A conservative group is committing $650,000 to television ads targeting two Democratic members of Congress for their support of the president's health care overhaul law.
Americans for Prosperity announced Tuesday it was committing the cash for a three-week campaign targeting Representatives Ron Barber and Ann Kirkpatrick. The tea party-aligned group gets funding from billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. Americans for Prosperity is also spending big in other races across the nation. A spokesman for Kirkpatrick's re-election campaign says she is focused on helping Read More »

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