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Arizona Forestry Division Fined For Firefighter Deaths


Citations issued to the Arizona Forestry Division by the state's workplace safety agency for the deaths of 19 firefighters could bolster efforts by their families to sue the state. But employment law attorneys said Thursday the bar remains very high for suits in workplace deaths. The state Industrial Commission levied nearly $560,000 in fines Wednesday after finding willful and serious lapses of workplace safety rules during the June fire northwest of Phoenix. A lawyer for one family that has filed a claim and a lawyer not involved in the case say the citations make it easier to sue. But others say the bar is extremely high, and a judge might block any lawsuits. At issue is Read More »

Congressman Gosar Votes In Favor Of Cutting Business Strangling Red Tape 


United States Congressman Paul Gosar voted Wednesday in favor of the Small Business Capital Access and Job Preservation Act legislation that would eliminate excessive regulations that damage the economy, increase businesses’ costs and restrict access to private sector capital that small businesses need in order to grow and create jobs. It would do so by exempting private equity firms that meet certain requirements from burdensome Securities and Exchange Commission filing criteria, allowing them to invest that money in businesses rather than use it to comply with these excessive regulations.

The House of Representatives passed the bill 254 to 159.

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Border Patrol Initiate Wiretapping Investigation For Drug Activities Around Mexican Border


In November 2010, Special Agents with the Imperial County Narcotic Task Force initiated a California State wiretap investigation into the importation and transportation activities of a Drug Trafficking Organization based in Mexicali, Mexico. Operation Cerberus targeted Sinaloa Cartel cocaine trafficking cells primarily operating along the southwest border in California and Arizona. Approximately 224 phones have been intercepted, 17 search warrants have been executed, as well as numerous other enforcement operations, approximately 3,000 pounds of cocaine with an approximate retail value of $96 million dollars, 100 lbs of methamphetamine, 820 lbs of marijuana, and over $4.1 million dollars in U Read More »

Yuma Border Patrol Seize 155 Pounds Of Marijuana


United States Border Patrol agents from the Yuma Sector seized 155 lbs of abandoned marijuana, worth an estimated $78,000, Tuesday while patrolling in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. Agents were tracking footprints when they came upon seven bundles of abandoned marijuana. The marijuana was seized for destruction.

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Bus Driver Inadvertently Runs Over Ten Year Old


A child sustained injuries following an accident involving a school bus – the third school bus accident this year in Yuma County. The Yuma County Sheriff’s Office says a ten year old child ran alongside the school bus attempting to catch it before it departed from the bus stop in the 14000 Block of North Avenue 74-E in Hyder. The bus driver did not see the victim running alongside the bus and inadvertently ran him over. The victims’ brother saw him on the road, picked him up and took him home. The grandparent then took the child to Dateland Elementary School knowing that a paramedic was stationed there.

Tri-Valley Ambulance responded to the school and requested that a Care Read More »

City Of San Luis Celebrates 5th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Tonight


The City of San Luis will celebrate its Fifth Annual Christmas Tree Lighting tonight at the Cesar Chavez Cultural Center at 1015 North Main Street starting at 6:30pm. The community of San Luis will congregate not simply to light a tree but to honor a tradition. Mayor Gerardo Sanchez says the ceremony is a manifestation of the central message of the holiday season: to love and respect neighbors as ourselves and to help those most in need.
For more information about the Fifth Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, please call the City’s Park and Recreation Department at 928-341-8535.

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Sex Offender Update


The Yuma Police Department is advising the public of the relocation of a sex offender. 44 year old Michael Degroot of Yuma is now residing at 800 South First Avenue in Yuma. Degroot is described as standing 5’11 and weighing 150 pounds with red hair and hazel eyes. In January 2006, Degroot entered into a plea agreement with the Yuma County Superior Court for Attempted Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. He was originally charged with 15 counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor after a police investigation revealed he was found in possession of thousands of images of Child Pornography. Degroot was sentenced to 10 years in prison and lifetime intensive probation. Degroot is considered a level three Read More »

Parent In Prison More Common Than Childhood Autism


Having a parent in prison is more common than childhood autism in the United States. That detail was part of a briefing on Capitol Hill Wednesday, where a report was also released that shares experiences and challenges for children whose mothers are in prison. Beth Lovell is the director of Family Strengthening at Volunteers of America – which coordinates programs to help those she calls "innocent bystanders.".
The U.S. Justice Department estimates 1.75 million children age 18 and younger currently have a parent in prison, including more than 20-thousand in Arizona. Millions more have been affected at some point in their lives, and most are children from l Read More »

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