Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Charity Groups Create “Giving Tuesday”

Merchants report sales up 2.3% compared with last year, in the holiday buying frenzy of Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday – and today is Cyber Monday, known for online shopping. So, charitable groups are hoping there is some time and money left for a different focus. "Giving Tuesday" is this Tuesday. It began last year as an antidote to the holiday consumer frenzy, and has grown to include more than 8,000 partner organizations in all 50 states. Henry Timms, who runs a New York "Y," is credited with coming up with the idea.
The event is also known as 'Hashtag' Giving Tuesday, since it started on social media. Retailers rely on the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas for a major portion of their annual sales, and last week's 2 day total topped $12 billion dollars. Giving Tuesday suggests a pause to consider sharing over shopping.

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