Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

City Council Considers Changing Charter In Regards To City Attorney

Gavel-Court-LawThe Yuma City Council has voted to create a group to consider making a change to the city’s charter after hearing from a Yuma resident about how the city council operates and appoints certain city employees – including the city attorney. 

Thomas Thode spoke to the council for over one hour Wednesday night about his concerns with the way the charter is written up, deciphering who the city attorney works for. 

Article Six, Section C-Three states the city attorney works at the pleasure of the city administrator by approval of the city council.  The issue of changing the charter to reflect that the council should instead hire the city attorney, making the city attorney work directly under the city council, has been placed before voters three different times in the last 14 years, with voters voting against the change. 

Council member Edward Thomas, who served on the Charter Committee in 2011, says that if the charter were to reflect the change, it would change how the city council operates.

The council voted to create a committee to consider the charter once again.  However, Deputy Mayor Leslie McClendon warned that if this became a ballot issue, there probably is not enough time to place it on the 2013 ballot.

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