Monday, October 20th, 2014

City Council Discusses Capital Improvement Projects

city-of-yumaThe Yuma City Council heard about proposed Capital Improvement Projects for the next year during their council meeting Wednesday.  Capital Improvement Project Administrator Ana Lugo presented an outline of 61 proposed projects for the 2014 Fiscal year, budgeted to cost around $37-million. 

Councilmember Paul Johnson expressed concern about the order some of the projects were listed.  He is concerned about flooding around 28th Street and Fern Avenue.  He says residents living on or near that area need help.

City Administrator Greg Wilkinson says there is some state grant money for the project. 

A suggestion from Mayor Alan Krieger to raise some of the intersections by eight inches to prevent flooding – most notably 28th Street and Catalina Drive – was shot down.  Mayor Krieger says another nearby area of concern involves Arizona Avenue near 28th Street. 

The council asked that the proposed projects be reevaluated and another report will be given back to the council at a future meeting.

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