Monday, October 20th, 2014

City Of Prescott Denies Compensation Claims Filed In Connection To Arizona Wildfire

The City of Prescott has denied compensation claims filed in connection with a deadly Arizona wildfire. Yarnell property owners and the mother of a Granite Mountain Hotshot who died along with 18 of his crew members have accused public agencies of negligence. An attorney representing Prescott said Wednesday that claims by Marcia McKee, the mother of Grant McKee, are barred under state law. The city says it is not liable to the property owners either, because its actions were not reckless or negligent and did not result in the loss of property or income. The city also notes that it was cleared of wrongdoing in a state worker safety investigation into the June 30th deaths. The claims are precursors to lawsuits and attempts at financial settlements. They seek tens of millions of dollars. The attorney who filed them declined comment.

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