Friday, October 24th, 2014

Finance Of Military Strike In Syria Topic Of Debate

As Congress debates a possible military strike against Syria, supporters say there is no choice but to punish Syria for a chemical attack on its people. But others are afraid it will draw the United States into another costly war.
Secretary of State John Kerry says it would only be a limited strike. U.S. destroyers are positioned in the Mediterranean, loaded with Tomahawk missiles. Mattea Kramer with the National Priorities Project has crunched the numbers. She says each missile costs $1.5 million dollars, and the US military used a lot of them.
The total bill for Libya, Kramer says, turned out to be more than $1 billion. She says there is no way to predict the cost of military intervention in Syria, although she adds the Bush administration predicted that intervening in Iraq would cost no more than $60 billion. Ten years later, the bill is $814 billion.

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