Friday, October 24th, 2014

Jan Brewer Defends Director Of Social Services Agency; Announces Outside Second Review Of Uninvestigated Child Abuse And Neglect Reports

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer defended the director of her social services agency Monday while angrily saying that those responsible for illegally closing more than 6500 uninvestigated child abuse and neglect reports will be held accountable. Brewer's comments came as she announced a second outside review of the state's child welfare agency to ensure Child Protective Services properly investigates the reports closed in the past four years. Most of the closures happened in the past 20 months as a team assigned to prescreen tips phoned into the state's child abuse hotline tried to manage a soaring workload in field offices that do the investigations.
Brewer appointed the head of the state's juvenile corrections department to lead the review, which also will look at the agency's practices and procedures to prevent a repeat of the scandal that has roiled CPS. The team also includes child advocates, two state lawmakers, a retired police chief and a Maricopa County prosecutor.

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