Monday, October 20th, 2014

Man Arrested At Border Allegedly Admits To Being Cartel Hit Man

Jose-Manuel-MartinezA man allegedly involved in over 30 murders was arrested by Border Patrol agents at the San Luis crossing.  Last month, 50-year-old Jose Manuel Martinez was trying to cross the border, when a routine background check revealed a warrant for his arrest in connection with a murder of an Alabama business owner.

Martinez has confessed to the murder and also told investigators he has been a hitman for drug cartels for years, and has committed at least 30 murders in Florida and California.

Lawrence County Alabama Sheriff’s Office captain Tim McWhorter says he is shocked by the confessions, but hopes this will solve some other cases.

DNA evidence obtained from a cigarette butt found in a truck where the bodies of two victims were found links Martinez to the murders.  Martinez told authorities he was ordered to kill the pair after they had stolen 10 kilos of cocaine.

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