Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Meatless Mondays
 Good For The Enviroment

Observing “Meatless Monday” may not only be good for your health and animals, but a new study says it is also good for the environment. A new report from the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization reaffirms what others have claimed – that livestock production is a major contributor to climate-changing pollution. Geoff Orme-Evans with the Humane Society International says globalization and huge, concentrated factory farms are the reasons meat is cheaper and people are eating more of it. He says 70 billion land animals are raised for food every year around the globe – a number that is unprecedented.
While the report offers some solutions to the pollution caused by livestock, Orme-Evans says there are steps individuals can take – including buying locally produced foods and eating less meat. Giving up meat just one day a week, he adds, is the equivalent of driving about 1,000 fewer miles a year.

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