Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

More Than Half Of Arizonans Who Buy Insurance Through The Federal Marketplace Qualify For Tax Subsidy

A new study says nearly 60% of Arizonans who can buy health insurance through the federal marketplace will qualify for a tax subsidy. The analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation released today looked at people without company-provided insurance who do not qualify for Medicaid plans for the very poor. That marketplace in Arizona is about 551,000 people. An estimated 313,000 will qualify for a subsidy based in their income that will party offset the cost of buying a policy. The insurance can be bought through the federal government's health insurance marketplace. About 20% of Arizona's 6.5 million residents do not have insurance. At least 300-thousand are expected to get Medicaid coverage for the poor starting January 1st 2014.

Those in the country illegally do not qualify for subsidies.

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