Friday, October 24th, 2014

Parents Voice Concerns During Tuesday’s Meeting

AmeriSchoolsSeveral outraged parents attended a meeting Tuesday, upset that an incident at the AmeriSchools North campus was not reported for several months after the fact. The schools received a threatening letter in March from a neighbor, upset that the school children were making too much noise and made a reference to “bloody children”.
Police say a search of the home of neighbor Robert Purro turned up an AK-47 weapon.  Purro was charged with having the weapon but not charged for the threatening letter. The knowledge of the letter was not given to parents until recently, even though the letter was delivered back in March. This was one of many comments made during the meeting Tuesday.
Yuma Police Department Lieutenant Stephen Suho was at the meeting to help clarify any confusion on the case. Doctor Reginald Barr, CEO of Amerischools Academy even apologized to parents and says the school will do everything they can to correct themselves in the future.  Many parents have been asking for the resignation of principal William Wachunas since the information came to light.

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