Friday, October 24th, 2014

Prescott Tells Hotshot Crew Survivors It Can’t Afford Benefits

The city of Prescott says it is not only illegal to extend full survivors' benefits to the families of 13 seasonal firefighters who died in the line of duty but unaffordable as well.  The city released cost estimates Wednesday, August 14th, showing the price tag would top $50 million dollars 60 years and lead to cuts in vital services. The city says a lump sum would cost $24 million dollars – or three times the budget of the Prescott Fire Department.  The six other Granite Mountain Hotshots who died June 30th were classified as fulltime employees. The widow of one of the 13 seasonal employees has been pleading for the same benefits their families will get. The city has canceled a meeting next week to discuss the future of the Hotshot crew.

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