Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Public Voices Disapproval Of House Bill 2338 During Water Rights Meeting

Water-rights-meetingOver 200 attended a jam packed Yuma City Hall Conference Room Friday to voice their opinion over a House Bill authored by Arizona Speaker of the House Andy Tobin that would of augmented the water of Yuma County to other Arizona communities. 

Arizona Common Sense has since that time, voiced total disapproval about House Bill 2338, saying that Yuma County would lose top priority water rights the community has held for a century. 

It all came to head when a Legislative Committee met with the public on Friday to hear reasons as to why HB2338 would devastate the community – the third largest metropolitan center in Arizona and bring the county’s largest trade – agriculture – to it’s knees. 

Yuma Mayor Alan Kreiger spoke before the committee, made of up Representatives Brenda Barton, Darin Mitchell, Frank Pratt and Lisa Otondo.  He said the lack of accountability by such committees that would be created was a huge concern for residents.

The meeting lasted well over three hours.  The committee did say they do not want to do anything to harm the community.  Several meetings are scheduled throughout Arizona in June and July.

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