Monday, October 20th, 2014

Texaco Country Showdown Looking For Local Talent

texacoshowdownThe Texaco Country Showdown is looking for sharp and talented country music singers and musicians in the desert Southwest.  The showdown – sponsored by One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating, Yuma Pest and Today’s Best Country 95.1 KTTI will begin Saturday with the first of three preliminary rounds.  Texaco Country Showdown spokesman Larry Wiater says many of today’s hot country music acts have performed in this show in the past.


The show is in it’s 32nd year and is sponsored by country formatted radio stations around the country.  The first round of preliminaries are Saturday at the Mine Shaft Bar and Grill in Yuma, with two more preliminary rounds on June 15th and 22nd.  The finals will be held on Friday, June 28that the Cocopah Resort and Conference Center.  You can get all the information and registration forms at

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