Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Two Men Plead Not Guilty To Abuse Charges

Gavel-Court-LawTwo men have pleaded not guilty to felony abuse charges in the death of their 73-year-old mother, whose body was found in Phoenix in the family van with dozens of bug-infested animals. Their father was riding in the back of the van with his wife and he also pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday.

The next scheduled court appearances for 79-year-old Alva Stout, 44-year-old Gregory Stout and 42-year-old Alan Stout all are on September 12th.  The three men also are facing 34 counts of animal cruelty.  Phoenix police say the family's van was carrying 12 dogs, 22 cats and a pigeon when Lola Mae Stout was found dead July 14th.

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