Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Yuma Police Department Investigating Incident Involving 16 Year Old Female

The Yuma Police Department says they are investigating an incident in which a male tried to talk a 16 year old female to go into his car on Sunday night. The vehicle involved was described as a small gray four door car. The male subject was described as Hispanic about 30 years old.  The female reported she was walking in the area after leaving work and a car pulled in front of her. The car stopped in a parking lot and a man got out and offered her a ride. She said she told him no several times and continued walking on the sidewalk. The man got into the car and began to follow her. She said he continued to offer her a ride and she moved away from the roadway because she felt he may try to grab her. At the same time a friend driving by saw her and gave her a ride home. The Yuma Police Department encourages anyone with any information about this incident to please call the Yuma Police Department at 928-373-4700 or
78-CRIME to remain anonymous.

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